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One's company, two's a crowd

Browsing the net has led me to realise that many Patience games of my invention appear on a variety of websites without any mention of their authorship so it seemed like a good idea to open up a section containing all those for which I am responsible. All first appeared in my "Penguin Book of Patience" (1979), except Rittenhouse, which I introduced in "Teach Yourself Card Games for One" (1994), and Sticko, of more recent origin. I hope you enjoy them, preferably with real cards (as I do), but, failing that, by playing them online at Tom Warfield's long-running and highly comprehensive Pretty Good Solitaire site. You might also like to click here for my history of patience games.

Archway A Victorian classic updated for modern tastes (2 packs)
Black Hole Cosmic golf for one player (1 pack)
Buffalo Bill Best played in wide open spaces (2 packs)
Curds & Whey A novel member of the spider family (1 pack)
Gay Gordons Dance your way through this elimination game (1 pack)
Penguin One of my most popular games (1 pack)
Rittenhouse As played by Geoffrey T. Spaulding at Rittenhouse Manor (2 packs)
Sticko Fiendish adaptation of my two-player game Stucco (32-card pack)
Striptease A tantalising game that doesn't always reveal all (1 pack)

Copyright © 2017 by David Parlett

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