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Players Any number   Type Making puns   Equipment Verbal dexterity
Here are 60 of them to be getting on with. Some are parochially British and may not be universally intelligible. (Modesty prompts an apology, but patriotism promptly retracts it.)
As august as Caesar.
As benign as split.
As best as gloves.
As blue as phrase and fable.
As bodily as salt.
As butch as aprons.
As rash as a bacon.
As cheap as creepers.
As cussed as last stand.
As dim as witches.
As docked as orders.
As dull as Texas.
As dumb as a quine ass.
As eerie as complaint.
As fair as daughters.
As fair as lighthouses.
As fair as oxide.
As fake as Indian rope trick.
As fast as sleep.
As fined as keepers.
As foul as Modern English Usage.
As full as earth.
As gold as green.
As grey 's anatomy.
As gross as shops.
As ill as scope.
As ill as traitors.
As jewelly as Caesar.
As just as of the peace.
As lank as sheer.
As mad as an avenue.
As matt as a rising.
As matty as Rosie.
As mixed you are as before.
As off as dyke.
As old as Huxley.
As out as space.
As on as Liszt.
As opaque as dozen.
As paunchy as pilot.
As perilous as scent.
As pied as webs.
As plumb as mate.
As poor as membranes.
As Portuguese as kudos.
As prime as stoves.
As quiet as interrupters.
As real as state.
As right as cramp.
As sane as berries.
As saucy as apprentice.
As squat as rights.
As strange as on a train.
As tart as orders.
As taut as shell.
As tight as oats.
As up as eiderdown.
As vain as blood.
As wicked as almanac.
As wily as telegraphy.

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