22nd Mind Sports Olympiad
19 August 2018

On Monday 20 August from 1pm I'll be demonstrating my new game Katarenga
  1. The tournament will consist of four sessions of not more than 45 minutes and not less than 35 (variable with time constraints).
  2. There will be as many tables of four as possible and as few of three as necessary.
  3. Players will initially be arranged in order of being recorded as present. In subsequent rounds they will be ranked in descending order of cumulative match points, with ties broken by carrot-count (fewer = better).
  4. Starting at the top of the ranked list the first four will be allocated to table 1, the next four to table 2, and so on. If and when 3, 6 or 9 players remain they will be similarly allocated to tables of three.
  5. At each table the lowest-ranked player will play first, then the next lowest, and so on, the highest-ranked playing last.
  6. Once a game has been officially started any player who arrives late may join in upon arrival regardless of how many moves have already been made, provided that this does not necessitate a rearrangement of four- to three-player tables. A player who is the only one present at the official start must wait five minutes, but if then still alone will be declared the winner with no play and no penalty for unused carrots.
  7. Any player joining the tournament part way through will start with 0 match points and 0 carrots and be inserted in the ranking order accordingly (thus ranking them above any players who have come last in all their games so far and below everyone else).
  8. Any player leaving the tournament before the end will be ranked on their score at the moment of leaving. They will not be permitted to return to the tournament later.
  9. Games will not be played against the clock but on appeal the tournament director may demand a player either move within one minute or start again (with 65 carrots but without replacing used lettuces).
  10. Rules of play will be exactly as printed in the published rule sheet. In case of conflicting interpretations the tournament director’s decision will be final.
  11. Unless timed out, a game ends as soon as all players but one have reached home and the remaining player has made one more move (to reduce the penalty of carrots left in hand). Since no one can legally reach home with more than 40 in hand the number recorded as unspent will be capped at 40.*
  12. First home scores 4 points, second 2, third (at a 4-player table) 1, fourth (or third at a 3-player table) 0. A time limit will be announced at the start of each game: if anyone fails to reach home within that limit points will be awarded on final positions. If time presses, later games will be shortened. The tournament must end by 22:10.
  13. Tie-breaks will be made on the basis of carrots remaining: fewer = better, each lettuce counts as 10 carrots. If still equal, normal MSO tie-breaking rule applies - i.e. the board played on in the final round.
  14. Mobile phone warning. Any player whose mobile phone makes a sound during play will lose their game without redress.
* Statistics 2010-2017 show the average remaining carrot count of those who came last, whether or not they reached home, to be less than 25.