David Parlett's Katarenga games
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A traversal game for two
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Start. This game of traversal takes advantage of the fact that the first published version of Katarenga has squares large enough to hold four pawns. You each start with one pawn in each corner and retain your other four in hand for possible future use. Example game

Object. To be the first to get all four of your pawns onto the same central square, as indicated here by dotted circles.

Play. You each in turn move one of your pawns in accordance with normal Katarenga rules of movement. As soon as you get your first pawn onto one of the four central parking squares that square becomes your homing square and you may not move it away. If at any time you move a pawn onto any other vacant centre square you must move it off on your next turn.

Captures. A pawn can neither capture nor be captured when it's on a corner square or settled on its homing square in the central park. If at any other time you capture a pawn your opponent must enter one of their as-yet unplayed pawns on any corner square of your (the capturer's) choice.

Big Crunch You can, of course, play this game backwards, starting with pawns arranged around the edges and aiming to get them all into a clump of singularity at the end.



Pawns move from red like a rook, from yellow like a bishop, from green like a knight, from blue like a king and not beyond the next square of the colour it started from. It may not jump or land on another pawn except to capture one of the opponent's.