David Parlett's Katarenga games
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A traversal game for two
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Example game

Adapted from a game by Fred Horn

Start. Black and White set up pawns as illustrated at top left. Normal rules of katarenga movement apply.

Object. To get all your sardines (pawns) into the further-away half of the sardine can formed by the central 16 squares, as Black has done in the illustration at top right.

Play. There is no capturing but there is ousting: if you land on an opposing sardine occupying a space in your half of the can you may immediately replace it on any one of its start squares (your choice).

Example. In the game shown, White was ready to move the sardine in the top row to the corner of its half of the can, but Black won by ousting a white sardine situated in the wrong half and placing it on a yellow in its start row.

Game. Play ceases when one of you has canned your eighth and last sardine. The winner scores 1 point for each opposing sardine left uncanned.



Pawns move from red like a rook, from yellow like a bishop, from green like a knight, from blue like a king and not beyond the next square of the colour it started from. It may not jump or land on another pawn except to capture one of the opponent's.