Original Card Games by David Parlett
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Players 3   Cards 36+3Jokers   Type Plain tricks
Much like Gooseberry Fool...
Cards and deal
Use 36 cards ranking AKQJT9876 in each suit, plus 3 Jokers distinguished as Red, Black, and White. Deal 13 cards each in ones. 
To win tricks and enable your right-hand neighbour to win more than the player on your left.
Decide your preferred trump suit and pick a card of that suit to represent it. When all are ready, you all reveal your representative suit cards simultaneously. If all show the same suit, it becomes trump. If all are different, the suit nobody bid becomes trump. If exactly two show the same suit, the odd suit becomes trump.
Dealer's left-hand neighbour leads to the first trick. You must follow suit if you can, but may otherwise play any card. The trick is taken by the highest card of the suit led, or by the highest trump if any are played, and the winner of each trick leads to the next.
Jokers: Joker of trump colour is highest trump, Joker of opposite colour is lowest trump, White Joker is a trump ranking between Jack and Ten ('Ten and a half').
You score the number of trick you won multiplied by the number won by your right-hand neighbour. Possible scores range from 0 (for winning all 13 tricks) to 42 (for winning 7 to your neighbour’s 6).