Original Card Games by David Parlett
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Players 4   Cards 52   Type Plain tricks
This is the only one of my games where I started with the title and built a game to go round it, a practice I normally eschew.
Cards and deal
Four players sit crosswise in partnerships and cut for deal. Dealer removes the Sixes and Sevens from a 52-card pack ranking AKQJ1098765432 in each suit, places the removed cards face down in two piles, one of Sixes and one of Sevens, then deals each player 11 cards from the remaining 44. Each in turn, starting with the player at dealer's left, picks up a Six and a Seven at random and adds them to their hand, so that they will start play with 13 each. After each round the turn to deal passes to the left.
To win tricks, especially those containing Sixes and Sevens.
The player at dealer's left leads to the first of 13 tricks, starting without a trump suit. You must follow suit if you can but may otherwise play any card.
Exception: You may play a Six or a Seven to a trick whether you can follow suit or not.
The trick is taken by the highest card of the suit led or (later) by the highest trump if any are played.
Exception: If the trick contains a Six it is taken by the lowest card of the suit led, or by the lowest trump if any are played.
Sevens make trumps
You may play a Seven to a trick whether or not able to follow suit. Whenever a Seven is played, its suit immediately becomes trump and remains so until another Seven is played, whether in the same trick or in a later one, when it changes the trump suit again. If it does not belong to the suit led, it will win the trick, unless beaten in the same trick by a higher card of its suit or by another Seven. If it does belong to the suit led, it merely entrumps that suit but has no other special power.
Each side scores 5 points per trick won, plus 6 for each Six they contain and 7 for each Seven. The total of points available is 117. The side with the higher total scores the difference between the two totals.
A game is four deals, or any multiple of four. The side with the higher score wins. Alternatively, if preferred, play up to 100 points.