Original Card Games by David Parlett
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Players 2   Cards 52   Type Positional
The title-bar says it all, really. It's quite different from the patience called Cribbage Square(s).
Deal 25 cards face down Opening layout in a 5x5 square, then turn the next card face up and place it at the centre, as illustrated. (Here it happens to be diamondJ.) Use the remainder to deal a hand of 13 cards to each player.
To add cards to the grid in a spiral direction in such a way as to form and score for combinations based on those of Cribbage, namely pairs, prials (three of a kind), double pair royals (four of a kind), sequences of three or more, and (with some restrictions) flushes of three or more. There is no score for fifteens or thirty-one, unless you really want to make it complicated. With scores being made as you go along, it may help to use a Cribbage board.
Each plays in turn, starting with the non-dealer, who plays a card face up to the right of the starter. The next card must be placed immediately below this, the next to its left, and so on, until the spiral is complete at top right, leaving you each with one card unused. (The purpose of this is to give you a choice of two on your last turn.)
Score as follows when the card you play makes any and all of the following combinations in the same row or column as itself:
pair 2, prial 6, double pair royal 12
run (sequence) of three 3, four 4, five 5
flush of three 3, four 4, five 5
The cards of a combination need not all lie next to one another, except in the case of a flush. A flush is valid only if its constituent cards are all touching and are not interrupted by an intervening card of a different suit. In runs, note that Ace always counts low, as numeral 1.
A game is two or four deals, each dealing in turn.
Benny Example deals to Annie spade3-8-Q heart2-7-J clubA-3-5-7 diamond4-8-J, to himself spadeA-5-7-10 heart4-6-8-10 club8-9-K diamond6-Q, and turns up spadeJ as the central starter. The play and scoring are:
diamondJ = pair 2 heart10 = 0
spade8 = 0 club9 = run of 3
heartJ = prial of Jacks, 6 spade10 = run of 3
spade3 = flush 3 diamondQ = run of 3
spadeQ = Queens for 2 spade5 = 0
club7 = run of 4 heart6 = run of 3
diamond8 = 0 heart8 = two pairs 4 (note)
heart7 = two runs of three 6 club8 = prial 6 +three runs 9
club3 = 0 clubK = flush 3
club5 = flush 4 diamond6 = 0
heart2 = 0 spade7 = flush 4
clubA = 0 spadeA = pair 2 + flush 3
Total 27Total 43
Note: Benny's heart8 gives him 2 each for the vertical and the horizontal pairs, not 6 for a prial because the pairs go in different directions.
Instead of scoring as you go: play as above, but when the spiral is complete the dealer scores each of the five columns (verticals) as a self-contained five-card Cribbage hand (with flushes still valid provided they are not interrupted) and the non-dealer scores likewise for the five rows (horizontals). On this basis, Annie wins by 29 to 22.