Original Card Games by David Parlett
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Players 2   Cards 52   Type Two-player patience
Most patience games are solitaires, but a few competitive ones still inhabit the compendia. This one is unusual in that it can't very well be played solo. For another of my competitive patiences please see YoYo.
Cards and deal
Decide who plays Red and who Black. Deal 25 cards face up in a 5x5 square and stack the rest face down.
To be the first to create two stacks of cards of your own colour in two of the 25 positions, each containing all 13 cards of the same suit, though not necessarily in numerical order.
The first to move is the player of whose colour fewer lie face up in the initial layout. If two cards of one of your suits lie in the same row or column you may pack the higher of them on the lower. Cards rank upwards A2345678910JQK. For example, you can place club3 on clubA, heartK on heartQ, etc. Note that you can only move cards of your own colour.
Face cards The following special rules apply to packing on face cards:
  • A Jack can be followed by the Queen, King, or any odd numeral card of the same suit
  • A Queen can be followed by the King or any even numeral card of the same suit (but not by the Jack)
  • A King can be followed by any numeral card of the same suit, odd or even (but not by the Jack or Queen)
Cards and packets A packet is a pile of two or more cards of the same suit. A packet can be placed on another card or packet of the same suit in the same row or column. Thus a packet headed by spade10 can be placed on one headed spade4, and so on. When you add a card to a packet you must immediately fill the space it leaves with the top card of the stock so long as any remain.
Moving to an empty space When no more cards remain in stock an additional type of move comes into play - namely, that you may move a packet (but not an individual card) horizontally or vertically to any empty space in the same row or column.
Ending and winning
The game ends when one player completes two stacks of 13 cards of their own colour, thereby winning.