Original Patience Games by David Parlett
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Cards 52   Type Open eliminator   Success Middling

This game - also called Exit - is my "open" adaptation of 'Elevens' and its relatives similar patiences in which the object is to discard pairs of cards totalling a given number. Gay Gordons, in case anyone doesn't know, is a Scottish dance.


Deal all cards face up in five overlapping rows of ten each and a reserve of two, one overlapping the other. If any of the resultant ten columns contains exactly three Jacks, exchange the middle one for the upper card of the reserve.

Layout Dance
Left:An initial deal. The two odd cards are a reserve, of whichthe upper must
be played off before the lower. Neither of is then replaced.
(Image courtesy of Goodsol) Right:Eponymous Scottish dance.


To eliminate all cards in pairs.


Throw out exposed cards two at a time as follows: Eliminate any two numerals that total eleven, such as A+10 etc. Marry off Kings and Queens in couples, each couple being of two different suits (to avoid inbreeding). Jacks (Gordons) pair off and exit (or exeunt) together.