Original Patience Games by David Parlett
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Cards 32   Type Eliminator   Success Low

The one-player version of my two-player game Stucco. It's available for you to play in the Pretty Good Solitaire software collection.


From a 32-card pack ranking AKQJ10987 in each suit deal yourself a hand of 16 cards. Deal the next face up to the board as a starter, and stack the rest face down.


To play off all 32 cards in sequence from the starter following the rules below.


Play face up to the starter, and slightly overlapping it, any one of the following:

For example, if the first card is spade10, you can follow it with spadeJ, club9, heart10, or diamond10. The numerical sequence is cyclic, so that (for example) heartA can be followed by heart7, and heart7 by diamondA.

After each card played draw a replacement from the top of the stock, so long as any remain, and continue the sequence with another card played from hand.


Consider yourself to have won if you succeed in completing a sequence of at least 30 cards. If you get 31 it is a victory, all 32 is a famous victory, and if the 32nd card forms a correct sequence with the first it is a miracle.

Here's one I solved earlier. (By cheating.)