Original Word Games by David Parlett

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Reconstruct the poem from its parts

Players 2+   Type Deductive-constructive   Equipment Pencil & paper
Here's a better way of arranging the words:
I loved when I was young
  The girls in all the bars,
And going home I hung
  My hat upon the stars.

This little gem is quoted in Farewell My Youth, an autobiographical reverie by Arnold Bax, who regretted he was unable to recollect or locate its author. My brother Graham writes, however: "Browsing through a copy of The Irish Review for February 1913 recently [...] I discovered the source of this masterpiece. It is quoted on p. 669 in a review of a collection of verse called Wine and Roses by the late Irish-Australian poet Victor J Daly (published by Angus and Robertson); 'He was a good poet, God rest him!', concluded the reviewer."

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