David Parlett's Katarenga games
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A dispersal game for two
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Before and after

Start. Set the pawns up in the centre of the universe as illustrated above left. This is a game of movement only, with no capturing.

Object. To be the first to get all your pawns to eight squares of one colour at the edges of the universe. The edge square you land on first establishes the colour you must aim for. You must choose a colour of which there is exactly one corner square (otherwise, rearrange the quarterboards appropriately) and must both choose different colours. With only seven such squares, your eighth piece must double up on the corner square of that colour. In the diagram at top right White has fully expanded all eight pawns, but Black is one move short of an edge.

Play. Normal Katarenga rules of katarenga movement apply. A pawn once moved to an edge square of the right colour may not be moved away again. Opposing pawns may not be captured, but if one is occupying an edge square of your colour that you can reach in one move you may oust it and place it anywhere you like on the board.

Game. Play ceases as soon as one player wins and the winner scores 1 point for each opposing pawn still wandering elsewhere in the universe.



Pawns move from red like a rook, from yellow like a bishop, from green like a knight, from blue like a king and not beyond the next square of the colour it started from. It may not jump or land on another pawn except to capture one of the opponent's. (Isolation is a game of placement only, not movement, but rules of movement govern the legitimacy of placement.)