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A connection game for two
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Example game

Start. Arrange your pawns around the edge of the board as shown. This is a game of movement only, with no capturing.

Object. To get all your pawns together in a connected group, with each orthogonally adjacent to at least one of its fellows. The diagram (above, right) shows the end of a game won by black. White would need two moves, via A and B, to connect properly.

Variant: Quebec (Canadian Congress)

My old friend François Haffner proposes a variant called Canadian Congress. This is basically the same as Congress but allows pieces to be captured by replacement, in which respect it resembles Lines of Action by the late Canadian games inventor Claude Soucie. Of course, (as in Colorado) capturing too many adverse pawns reduces the number needed for them all to connect. If you capture all but one pawn, it counts as 'connected', and your opponent wins!



Pawns move from red like a rook, from yellow like a bishop, from green like a knight, from blue like a king and not beyond the next square of the colour it started from. It may not jump or land on another pawn except to capture one of the opponent's.